Thursday, 14 June 2012

New Tricks

I have an exam in 7 hours and I've been trying to sleep for 3 hours, obviously with no luck - damn you brain!

I have a borderline dangerous obsession with BBC drama series 'New Tricks' (keep going, I do, surprisingly have a point to make) - I don't really think I'm the show's target demographic as it is a series about 3 retired police officers [Dennis Waterman, James Bolam and Alun Armstrong] going through unsolved cases with Amanda Redman playing their 'guvner'. It's the sort of police show grandmas like, so as I have a very grandma-ish TV taste (favourites include Murder, She Wrote, Monk, Lewis, history documentaries of any sort, Antiques Roadshow &c) I'm on my third episode of the night. I find it really hard to sleep if I don't have it on while I'm nodding off, even Michael's got used to it (he always used to listen to music to fall asleep). Alas, this evening, the smooth tones of Dennis Waterman's voice have unfortunately not worked their magic, sigh!

Gasp. I've just looked up New Tricks on Wikipedia (so bored) and I knew that James Bolam's character was leaving in this coming series as he's cracking on a bit, but I've just spotted who's going to replace him - noooo! Although I'm quite happy as it's Denis Lawson and in Holby City, a few years ago mind, I thought he was a bit of a silver fox, he also narrated a documentary I watched today about capital punishment, what are the chances, eh! He does have a rather dreamy Scottish accent.

So yet again it seems I've managed to write another blog about, well, nothing at all really. Looks like an all-nighter might be on the cards as I have to be up in 3.5 hours anyway;  I haven't done one of these since my early uni days (Uni of Manchester 2006-2008, left after 2nd year).  Plus, as it's an unplanned all-nighter I have no supplies! I've run out of tobacco and have no nibbly treats so will have to survive on coffee alone for the next 5 hours until Tesco opens... hmm, maybe I will try and snooze after all!

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