Sunday, 25 November 2012

The big smoke

I'm off to London next weekend for a three night extravaganza of fun, or so I've decided. While Sex and the City is on (I love 5* for bringing me Sex and the City when my box set is still at my parents' house), I thought I'd start writing my London to-do list. For some reason I'm super excited about this particular trip, I'm no stranger to London, I know it well and most of my friends live there now, but this time I'm hoping it's going to be a super super good weekend.

So, the definite number one destination is The British Museum, I'm an ancient history student and I'VE NEVER BEEN!!!!!!!! I've made it my mission the past couple of London trips but have never managed it, might have to take my A-Z as I actually don't know where it is.... for shame.

Number two is a gallery which, shockingly, I'd never heard of until a few days ago, and looks fantastic. The Wellcome Collection looks incredible, they have a lot of medical exhibits, which, don't get me wrong, look brill; but what I'm really excited to see is Death: A Self-portrait. I'm sure I'll be getting a fair few postcards.

Number three is the Advent Procession at St Paul's Cathedral. I normally go with my family but as I'm not at home this year I might have to go it alone - unless I can find someone in London who wants to come with me - I'm not holding my breath.

Now I'm a bit stumped, I'm sure there'll be nights out, too many drinks and lots of shopping too - well I bloody well hope so anyway.

In the meantime I'm shopping for my dress for my work's Christmas party, there are so many horrid dresses out there, here's hoping I can find a nice one to go with my beautiful Jeffrey Campbell shoes, courtesy of my gorgeous sister.

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