Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Eat the seasons

Well I haven't posted for quite some time, shame on me! This is just a quick one afore my super long post I plan to write tomorrow in lieu of revision...

Tonight I totes watched Made In Chelsea for the first time and I must admit - I LOVED IT!!! It is fantastic. Also, my flatmate Betti and I made dins and it was gorge, puff pastry with mozzarella and tomato (thanks studentrecipes.com) with salad & balsamic dressing, yummm. Followed by my signature (easiest, quickest and tastiest) dessert - stewed fruit. I've only done this twice [hardly signature then is it], first time with rhubarb - get it while it's in season and delish!! - and tonight with strawberries. We had the rhubarb with vanilla yoghurt but tonight we had vanilla ice cream.

I'm follow my mum in that we both try to buy in season fruit and veg and definitely try to buy British at all times!! Waitrose at the moment have the most delicious British strawberries, they are TINY but very very tasty! 

http://eattheseasons.co.uk/ is a super good website to get to know what's in season at the moment and has recipe suggestions. 


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  1. (I'm waiting with major anticipation for the super long post which I'm hoping will include tattoo pictures)

    I despise Made in Chelsea SO SO much, it irritates me more than any of TV programme I think I've ever watched. I've only ever watched 2 episodes of it (forced to) but I do not want to see it again.

    I looove stewed fruit. I've never made it though. I always think it seems like it would be difficult to make? Stewed rhubarb is my fave :)


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