Wednesday, 16 May 2012


I'm going to the dress rehearsal of the WNO's latest production of Tristan und Isolde at the Wales Millennium Centre tomorrow and I've just finished reading up on the synopsis as it's an opera I've not seen before so needed to get it in to my head afore tomorrow.  My parents have been taking me to see opera since I was little and I'm really lucky and glad that they have, it's now a big love of mine. My favourite is La Traviata by Verdi, and T&I is going to be my second opera by Wagner. I'm not a big fan of Wagner but my friend Charles is (he got the tickets), as is Stephen Fry, so if it's good enough for Stephen, it's good enough for me. Never mind that I've just seen the running time - 5 hours and 40 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARGH! This does, thank god, include intervals though. No wonder hardly anyone puts of Wagner opera anymore - epic or what!!

Tonight I nearly set myself on fire trying to flambé a rum sauce for my fried pineapples, I managed to create a fireball in the kitchen which only ended with me carrying the frying pan to the back door (which was open - phew!) and lobbing the frying pan out of the door, managing to set fire to the back door at the same time. It was terrifying. And, of course, by carrying the frying pan to the back door I was fuelling the fire with lots of lovely air so that it got even bigger and managed to cover my arm, how I didn't get severe burns I don't know. So yes, my evening was eventful.

It got even better when Betti and I popped open the champers she'd given me for my birthday and watched 'The September Issue'. It was brilliant, André Leon Talley was probably the highlight and definitely didn't make enough appearances to make me happy! Anna Wintour looked such a sour puss the whole time, Devil Wears Prada may not have been as exaggerated as I initially thought...

On the topic of Vogue, I opened my daily email from Vogue UK and saw the delight that was the Chanel pre S/S 2013 show in Versailles - see the fabulousness here! Some of the clothes are just madness and fantastical, but there are definitely a few items I could see myself sauntering around Monaco in, if I were to ever become a millionaire that is!

I decided this evening that I wanted to do something except twiddle my thumbs while I was watching 'The September Issue' so I decided to do something I've been meaning to do for a while, it's nothing major, just adding a little embellishment to my new Topshop jeans (don't worry it didn't take me the whole film to do, I'm not that inept with a needle and thread!). They are a real pale sky blue, and while they are gorgeous, I felt I needed to add a little colour as they are so light

It's not my neatest work but it'll do, I wasn't concentrating half the time; it's just a little coral pink embroidery around the edges of the pockets, very simple but it keeps my fingers busy and I feel like I'm doing something productive while sitting there and watching fashion documentaries hahah. By the way, if any of you don't have a pair of Leigh jeans from Topshop, just go in and try some on. I got them because I needed to replace the only pair of jeans I had as the rip in the crotch was getting really quite noticeable. Seriously. They are the comfiest jeans I've ever had, and really soft, the label said something like 'super soft ankle grazer' and they really really are lush. However, ankle grazer is optimistic as I am 5'3" and they didn't have my waist in the petite section damnit! They're more like 'normal length' for me. 

Oh dear.


  1. That's well sweet Sian! Enjoyed the read too! :) Hope you're well xxxx

  2. OH MY GOD that sounds terrifying. Would have had a heart attack. I set a laundry bag on fire a couple of months ago and that was bad enough. Cannot imagine the terror!!!!

    Also, 5 hrs a 40 minutes? That would actually kill me. Hope you enjoy though!

    & the detail you've made on those jeans looks cute :)



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