Thursday, 3 May 2012


My goodness I am so full, my sister came home today to spend the weekend up here for my birthday and she bought back pretty much the whole of Rick Stein's patisserie, seriously there was so much - thank you staff discount! [If I'd known she'd be laden with so many treats on her return from the SW I'd have sent her down there years ago]. We had so many goodies for dinner - crab, smoked salmon, steak pasties, cheese & onion pasties, sausage rolls, focaccia, walnut bread, salad, mustard mayo, pear frangipane AND sticky toffee apple crumble. I can barely move.

In other news it is my birthday tomorrow, I have made lots of purchases of late about which I want to post, so have decided to wait until early next week so can write about them and my birthday all at the same time. Economical.

In other other news, I'm getting my first tattoo done tomorrow morning. EEK. Putting myself through an hour of pain, on my birthday - what a great idea! I'll post a photo of it - but maybe I'll wait until it's gone through it's scabby phase.                 Or maybe I won't.


  1. Yummmm, that sounds amazing! I want a family member who works in a foodie place. Happy happy birthday also! I hope you enjoy it. I'm really rather jealous that you're getting a tattoo and I can't wait to see it. Looking forward to your purchases also, hehe. Have a good day <3 xx

  2. Ahhh that sounds amazing! So hungry now haha. Hope you had a lovely birthday and your tatoo's nice :)

    Lovely blog, just followed!

    Ruth xxxx


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