Sunday, 3 June 2012

Giveaway tip & I had forgotten I have that!

Do you ever get that, 'oh, I forgot I had that!' when you're in your old room and are having a look around at the things you left behind?

I'm at my parents' house tonight, we just got back from visiting my sister in Cornwall and I'm staying the night here before I go back to my uni 'digs'. I was just getting changed and I started having a rumble around my jewellery boxes and I came up with some right corkers I had completely forgotten about. Then I got the 'I-already-have-too-much-stuff-why-do-I-carry-on-buying-more guilt'. Hate that feeling. So I'm going to pack them up and take them with me tomorrow, in a bid to try and wear more of what I already have...

Anyway I have lots of lovely pictures from the weekend, including a gorgeous A/W jacket I picked up from a local arts and crafts fair for £10, which I will put up in a couple of photo blogs.

I'm just catching up on my blog-reading and saw that one of my favourite blogs to read is doing a really fantastic, generous give-away. I'm really new to this blogging lark, especially including fashion in my blogs and seeing give-aways [I only found out they existed like a week ago] I'm amazed at how many go on.

But this one is really great, everything in the give-away is so lovely, for your chance to enter go and visit Eloise's brilliant read of a [revamped, new look] blog at

Great stuff!

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