Saturday, 7 April 2012

Mifuko ya

(The title is 'bags', I put 'bags' in to google translate and clicked on random languages, I ended up choosing Swahili, it sounded the best. I said bags {in English} too many times and it started sounding like a made up word, hate it when that happens).

Anyway, I've had a nice few days at home and will be lazing around here until Monday. I'm off on holiday on Wednesday and have two days at work and packing to do between Monday and Wednesday, not to mention uni work blaaaah.

I have had 3 perks of today:

1. Michael text me and said he'd found some books at a market he went to, Sophocles and Virgil! Yay!
2. I got an early Easter egg

3. I went down to Cardiff to pick up my parcel, the Jack Wills Rustington bag hurrah! I couldn't wait until after the Easter bank holidays so my mum kindly drove me all the way to Cardiff and back, love you mum! It is beautiful, if a bit smaller than I thought it would be. 

I do love it, it's a lovely light-weight summer bag which I think will see a lot of wear. It's 100% cotton which feels canvas-y (?), which can get grubby, especially as it's white, but that also means it's easy to wash, so even if I do end up spilling ice cream, or some other summery offering (like beer, in a beer garden :]) then it's nothing to woz about!

Another great thing about parcels from Jack Wills is the packaging, three lovely layers of reusable tissue paper, hurrah!

I'm really bad with bags, when I get one I use it non-stop. Now I have this bag it means that my beautiful Mulberry will have to become a part timer. My tan Mulberry Mitzy Hobo has been in constant use since I got it for my 21st birthday... almost 3 years ago, eek! She is looking a bit worse for wear, she's a bit battered and bruised so I think a rest will do her good...( it's weird that I refer to her as a her, isn't it?) Ne'ermind. But it is a wrench not to use her all the time!! She's so beautiful.

On the way home from collecting my lovely bag we stopped off at Tesco for my mum to 'stock up on berries'. While we were there I saw a pair of shorts I saw a few weeks ago and alas they did not have my size. Today however they did, so lovely mum got them for me - a steal at £6 I think!

They're blue - yay - and dotty - yay. 

Time for me to go and do some cooking, I'm making another Delia dish today. Delia's blackened gammon with salted caramel crackling. Mmm thanks Waitrose. It is smelling delicious, 18 minutes to go until I take it out to rest.

Mum and dad are in for a treat.

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  1. Yet to still get an easter egg! Yours looks so cute! Love your JW bag, hopefully you wont get any beer or ice cream on it haha! But if so always reminds you of a good day when you look at the stain!

    Ruth xxxx


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