Monday, 9 April 2012


Today was a rather productive Easter Monday. I had a super breakfast made by my sister and then went out to the greenhouse with my mum to plant things, we planted courgettes, chili peppers, cucumbers and something else which I can't remember. It was lovely being in the greenhouse while it was raining, it was lovely and peaceful and was so fun! I loved getting my hands dirty and writing the labels, it was brilliant! Here's my handiwork

During Midsomer Murders I did lots of reading for uni, specifically for my 'independent study', which is a creative writing piece about Aristophanes. We got to choose the format and subject of it which is pretty cool.

I needed a break so I thought 'a ha!' I'll do some knitting and I'll get my mum to teach me how to cast on and cast off; and she did. It's easy! I've just never been shown how before. I thought I'd make an iphone case as it's quite a simple shape and so quite easy to get started with. My mum and grandma are such elegant knitters, they have a certain way of holding the needles, whereas I am all fingers and thumbs and look really clumsy when I knit but the end result ended up looking ok. Here is my finished piece

The little bird is my first attempt at embroidery and I'm quite pleased with it! It's completely free hand and was a lot easier to do than I first imagined. So 2 hours after I started my 'break' from reading this little creation was finished and I made a salad for dinner and no more reading was done - oops! 

Also, in other crafty news, I bleached a pair of shorts over the weekend, inspired by my housemate Betti (see her bleach blog here). They came out even better than I could have imagined, I will post about them tomorrow night. 

For now, it's definitely time to sleep, I turn in to such an early bird when I'm at home!

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  1. Great job with the knitting, the little bird is adorable! I'm also very impressed with your productivity, I'm such a procrastinator but luckily your blog is a delight to procrastinate with :) x


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