Friday, 20 April 2012


Well well we certainly are having our share of the ol' April showers at the moment! Good job I've got so much uni work to do that going outside isn't even an option for me at the moment eh. Oh well, indoor distractions are more than enough for me. I'm embroidering a bluebird on to a white vest top at the moment, picture to follow once it's finished. Also made a top yesterday, will have to pop that up on here some time soon.

At the moment my bed is covered with pages of notes and 6 books flopped open about Anglo-Saxon churches and, even though I am interested in them, I need a break. So, as I haven't written, properly, for over a week it's time to update this bad boy.

Holiday in Germany was beautiful, Dad had a brilliant 60th and we ate amazing food. The whole holiday was about food pretty much. Nom nom nom.

We were in the middle of the Black Forest so everything looked like this. :D. 

And the day after we got back we drove down to Padstow to leave my sister to her new job. We weren't there very long but whenever I'm by the sea or, in this case, river, I can't help but take pictures...

In other news, I must stop biting my lips. 

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  1. So pretty!

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