Sunday, 18 March 2012

Finally found a spare moment to carry on with my musings. My boyfriend Michael is down for the weekend (he lives in Bristol) and thought I'd catch up while he's in the shower, nice.

On Friday I decided to make my first toad in the hole, Michael was getting in late so I had a while to prepare and consult my mum and Delia's recipe and to get started. It was beautiful - especially the gravy. Oh my gosh, I couldn't stop rabbiting on about that gravy. It was immense, it really was. Well worth making if you're a fan of gravy, which I most definitely am, plus, as far as gravy goes, it's quite a healthy low fat one too so everyone's a winner! Michael snoshed his down in around 5 minutes so I take it he liked it too.

I also became quite disturbed on Friday by these. Elasticated cuff trousers. Blurgh. They are just grim on men or women, but I find especially men. Blurgh. That's all I can think to say. Just blurgh. Yuck yuck yuck.

So yesterday Wales won the Grand Slam - huzzah!! Managed to get a good view of the screen in the relatively empty Bogiez and at half time we trotted over to the big screen outside the police station in the Civic Centre of Cardiff. There was hardly anyone there, very good view of the mahoosive screen plus no queue for drinks - which were actually the same price/cheaper than pub pints! Michael (who is English by birth, Scottish by heritage (by heritage?!) and Australian by naturalisation) purchased a Wales scarf because he was 'cold' - likely story. After the game we headed off home for some ragu (which I made the night before - prepared!!) before we headed out to see The Maccabees!

We realised we had been waiting over 6 months to go to this gig (Michael bought my sister's ticket for her Christmas present) and unfortunately the crowd really spoiled it. As soon as we walked through the door we were in the middle of a fight, my sister and I got royally bashed by two men having a scrap, where is the security?! I didn't realise that The Maccabees would attract such a crowd, the majority of whom had obviously been to the rugby and probably drinking since midday, were over 40, were male and were "lads". We managed to find a quiet space at the back having paid £3.50 for a warm plastic bottle of Fosters mmm, delish. My sister was somewhat annoyed by a woman who decided to dance in a very odd way right in front of her, it was quite amusing; I think she was there alone... I only have a photo of the ticket as I was too busy have a bop the whole time to take pictures - especially when they played 'X-ray', my most favourite song of theirs ever!!

Anyway, standing around for the encore near the exit and we find ourselves getting rather wet because the said yobs in the crowd decide it would be a super idea to throw bottle and pints in the air - still being reasonably full. After The Maccabees finished 'Precious Time' we took this as our cue to make a quick getaway, didn't fancy hanging around to try and get out through the tiny double doors in that crowd, no thank you.

After a reasonably late night I had a reasonably early morning for a Mother's Day breakfast with my mum, my sister, my grandma (mum's mum) and my uncle at Carluccio's. It was really lovely, I had the Breakfast Bread Tin, which had 3 (small) pieces of toast and a massive croissant! Plus fig jam. Nom. I'm all breaded out for the day after that. I made my mum some origami swans as she has the idea of putting them in a frame and having a little swan family. Cute! Also sporting my sparkly black shirt from Tenovus (originally M&S) for the second day in a row, bit gross I know but I love it too much to take it off!

I will leave you with this picture of a hat my mum made me yesterday, can't wait for her to teach me how to make pompoms.

Thanks Mum and Happy Mothering Sunday!!!!

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