Friday, 16 March 2012

Second day success

I think this is probably the first time I've managed to write two consecutive blogs! Huzzah! 

I'm currently supping on some wine in my old bed at my parents' house. I've come home for some free food, and of course to see my super lovely mum and dad. 

I've been with my mum pretty much all day today and we've had a smashing time, she picked me up from my house and took me to uni, even though my sister was supposed to, but she overslept. Exciting. Then my mum picked me up from uni an hour later, when my sister didn't show up for a second time. She'd overslept again. Brilliant. 

Had an exciting time at CostCo then with my mum and my grandma, picked up some gammon steaks for the weekend. Mmmm. My sister decided she was awake now so we met her at Chapter Arts in Canton for lunch, where my good friend Lily was just finishing her shift. Lily is moving to Egypt at the end of April - SOB! Anyway, I had a rather nice cheese baguette (brown) and tomato chutney, it really could have done with more chutney. 

Skipped off to my physio next, I have a rather lovely student physio named Tom, he was very pleased with my progress (I've had a very bad rotator cuff problem since October last year and had to wait until March for my first appointment) and thinks he'll only have to see me once more! He took me into the 'gym' to show me my new exercise regime, I was stood next to a woman probably 50-60 years my senior doing exactly the same as she was, that was great. And then they'd run out of the stretchy stuff I was supposed to use for my exercise so he told me to use a can of beans instead. Great. Glad physiotherapy supplies can be so easily replaced. Next appointment on Monday and then he thinks I can be discharged! Amazing, I must say that, even though it took me 6 months to get there, now I'm there the treatment I've had has been amazing, even though I think Tom is possibly, definitely, younger than me. And at 23, I think that's a bit weird. Anyway, he definitely seems to know what he's talking about. And enough about physiotherapy.

Next my mum and I had a few hours to kill before we picked dad up from work so we headed back to my locality (Roath) for some charity shop browsing and tea. I took my mum to see an amazing cardigan I found yesterday in Tenovus, at £3.95 unfortunately a bit out of my price range, as depressing as that is.  She saw it and said that as it was a Basler cardigan for £3.95 it was amazing quality and she'd get it for me incase it wasn't there when I went back. Aren't mums super. Mum reminisced about a Basler jacket she gave away years ago - according to my mum, original Basler items, such as my beautiful cardigan, would be about £80 new! Bargain or what! Oh yes.

Mum decided to pop into Holland and Barrett to get some Zinc and Vitamin C lozenges as she's feeling a bit sniffly. I spotted this in there and, even though I am 23, it made me chuckle quite a lot:

Lol. Oh dear. 

Now I'm a bit squiffy off two glasses of red wine and ready for sleep. Funny how, whenever I come home, I seem to drink a quarter of what I usually drink on a night out and it gets me very tipsy, must be something to do with the environment, or just being with the 'rents and getting sloshed. 

I dunno.

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  1. Hah! The pills are probably only half price because nobody wants to be seen buying a product called Horny Goat Weed. YUUUSSSS I am glad you got the cardigan, kind of debating whether or not to go back for the jacket/jumper/whatever now. Hope you're enjoying home, wine, decent food and time away from Dave's incessant mewling - it's so bad right now that a trip to spar for more cat food is in order. Not good :( xx


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