Friday, 23 March 2012

You! Me! Dancing!

My dad is sitting next to me with his nose stuck in a wine glass saying 'Lemons... Italian?... Is it a Pinot Grigio?... No... Smells lovely' HA and he's got quite a big nose too.

Anyway, I've been recovering since Wednesday as I went to see Los Campesinos! at (The) Thekla in Bristol - it's a boat! A gig on a boat! I've only been once before a while ago and it was loads of fun, Wednesday night was twice as fun, maybe even thrice as fun. We got there quite early as our friends are at the front for EVERY gig they go to, Yatin has quite a following on YouTube; so we stayed at the front for the support band, Tall Ships, they were just fantastic, I really liked how they set the stage up and I will definitely be listening to them more, you can hear their music here.

They managed to persuade me to stay at the front for Los Camp, and oh gosh it took me back to being 14, I absolutely loved it. I was sweated on, crushed, pushed and pulled and it really was super fun. Here are the few pictures I managed to get in between getting squished

I really like Kim's shorts, they were black front and back and at the sides there was a panel of purple leopard print, they're sort of visible in the picture above.

At the end of the gig the drummer got up on another band member's shoulders and fell to the floor from a great height - apparently breaking his nose! (Saw a big fat fan-girl outside holding his bloodied towel, she was sniffing it and licking it, I'm not joking).

As you can see I was a bit of a fan girl getting a picture with Gareth (the lead singer), both of us looking slightly dishevelled and me looking more than slightly manic, also got my first set list, it was a proud moment. Went for a pint in Start the Bus afterwards and this is how my drink was served

So, I looked like a right old man. Thanks Start the Bus. It was good ale though. Mmm ale.

Today I went to Abergavenny and picked up these little beauties for the princely sum of 99p at St David's Foundation Hospice Care:

I also saw a good few other items but money meant alas they had to stay there as my mum thought they were disgusting. Well, thanks mum.

I'm off tomorrow to the Cotswolds with my boyfriend for our one year anniversary so have a good weekend! The only thing we have lined up so far is going to see a lake full of ducks tomorrow on our way to my good friend Sam's house as she's putting us up tomorrow night before we crack on to the hotel. My suitcase is stuffed to the brim, as always, good job I'm driving!

I'm being nagged to make my famous toad in the hole now so off I go.

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  1. How could you not love that tankard thing you were drinking out of?! It's brilliant!
    Come back soon, I want to hear all about this towel-sniffing freak. xx


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