Wednesday, 14 March 2012

I have decided to start up writing a blog again for the 50th time and I will stick to it this time! Having recently started reading a lot of blogs again I thought I'd give it a whirl. Particularly inspired by my good friend Betti's blog (, I fear mine will not compare, but we can but try eh! I also thought it might assist with my creative writing independent study which is coming up too... hm.

Today I am trying to start writing my essay about the origins of alchemy for my Science and Technology in the Graeco-Roman World module, I've done piles of reading for it and it's so interesting but I just can't seem to find the words to start. Setting this page up is the last in a long list of time wasting activities which have gone on today.

It started with being greeted by our amazing posh plumber, sitting, in a shirt and heavy grade mustard cords, on the landing with a new toilet, still in bits, strewn around our landing (trust me, if you had the same problems we have had with our toilet since we moved in, you'd be ecstatic when you see a new one, with an intact lid and working flush, even if it is just in bits) and trying to force a beverage on him, which he politely refused, damn, no time wasting there then. I made myself a coffee instead.

Next on the list was charity shop shopping with aforementioned Betti, trotting around Wellfield Road, Albany Road and City Road. Picked up some lovely fabric and amazing turquoise harems from Islamic Relief. The harems are only suitable to wear around the house because they are truly ridiculous, but so comfy!! These came to a grand total of £2.30, ridiculous but I'm not complaining! Also picked up a delightful sheer black shirt with a bit of sparkle from PDSA for £2.95. Brilliant.  

Took a trip to Home Bargains next to pick up some drain unblocker, what a glamorous life this is, full of toilets and drain unblocker. Anyway, while picking up the necessary items we saw a little boy being dragged in to the back room by a member of staff, allegedly having shoplifted. As we were queueing one of the cashiers said to the other 'yeah, he was here with his mother, she's legged it' - ! The look of disbelief on Betti's and my face were stuck there for a while. Shocked and appalled we moved on to Pre-Fab where Betti deliberated over a rather lovely jumper but as she kept calling it a jacket while deciding to buy it, we figured this was reason enough to leave it for some other lucky shopper.

Lastly we stopped in at Albany Convenience Store to pick up work supplies - i.e. Doritos, Haribo, tobacco and Lucozade amongst other things. I say work supplies...

Since I've been home I've watched last night's Eastenders, an episode of New Tricks (guilty pleasure), have read a lot of rubbish on and Betti's new blog. Currently watching 'SheWolves - England's Early Queens' - on demand, I might add, you pesky TV Licence beasts!! - hoping the historical content will spur me on to start, and hopefully finish, my own historical assignments.

Here's hoping.

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  1. YAY!! You're up and running! Good to see you blogging Siany! :) Good read too x


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