Tuesday, 20 March 2012


I almost set myself on fire yesterday. I went to the hospital for my last physio appointment, I could smell burning when I first went in to the bathroom but didn't think anything of it. Then I started using the hand dryer and oof it was ponky and making a funny noise so I swiftly removed my hands from underneath - then the lady behind me started using it and it was sparking all over the place! Let me tell you, it took me a very long time to get the smell of burning off my hands. Yuk.

I have already had rather a productive day today and I'm loving it. Started the day with some sewing, I altered a housecoat my Grandma made over 30 years ago in to a dress for me. I didn't take a before picture (damn it) but I have got an after picture. As it was a housecoat it's quite large, well very large, so it will have to be drawn in with some ribbon or a small belt I guess but I love the fabric so much I couldn't bear to not use it. It was Betti's idea to turn it into a dress, I was ready to hack it to bits, very glad I didn't! All I did was unpick the arms (and my gosh, my Grandma hand sewed it about a million times so it took a good while) and shorten it.

The piece I took off the bottom is going to make a rather lovely bandana. As it's the first day of Spring it seemed apt to create a dress ready for the dreaded Summer (I'm much more a Winter person).

Nearly half way through my essay on the origins of alchemy too, hence the blog as a bit of a break. I've become a bit obsessed with alchemy recently, the last and current fiction books I read both involved alchemy and now I'm writing a full blown essay on the origins of it.

Since making my blog I've been reading a lot of fashion blogs, well my next room neighbour has one so that was a great place to start! I didn't intend for my blog to be about fashion but I suppose it's bound to creep in here and there and where's the harm in that, eh? I thought I'd post a photo of my pride and joy which I am loath to take off. Ever.

My olive Barbour with limited edition Liberty print lining. I got it for Christmas and I haven't taken it off since, I am in love. As I've started reading numerous fashion blogs it's got my excited for the end of April because that means STUDENT LOAN! YES! I'm so b.o.r.e.d. with my wardrobe at the moment, hence I'm getting thrifty with what I've got to work with. A few charity shop buys here and there is great but I've realised what I'm lacking are shoes, well a wider variety of shoes and this must be remedied. Seeing all the great photos on other blogs has given me exciting ideas for how to wear what I've got for the moment and to think about new items in advance, which helps otherwise I'd just go out and buy everything and end up with no student loan to speak of. Hmm.

Well that's given me a bit of a break, now to make some lunch and crack on with alchemy.

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  1. I adore the print of that top! So cute!




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