Monday, 23 April 2012

Geld & Roses

Hoorah hoorah student loan day has arrived. The first thing I did (at 1am this morning) was pay my phone bill, what a luxury it is to call and text people, not to mention having 3G back (I'm addicted to the game Gardens of Time at the moment [don't judge me]), and paid my best friend for my share of our Berlin trip at the end of June.

The count down to this day had been running for quite some time, and over the past few days especially time could not have gone any slower; my loan was spent many times over in my head browsing websites and making fantasy shopping baskets, but now it's here I can't bring myself to spend it! Everything I put in those shopping baskets has now lost its shiny glow and I don't want any of it anymore.

The thing is, I need new denim shorts, they are what I wear pretty much every day and I have repaired mine one too many times and they are only a few threads away from completely disintegrating, I need new jeans because, well, you can't have just one pair can you? I need new shoes, my beloved Fred Perry shoes, which I wear pretty much every day too, have lasted me well but the right one now has a hole in the sole and with the current weather, which promises to stay around for a while, they need to be replaced. They were so perfect, I have problem legs - in that I am very short and my legs aren't stick thin so I have to be careful when buying shoes that I can wear them with shorts/dresses/skirts and they don't 'cut my legs off' and the Freds were perfect! I've been browsing websites for a couple of hours and I want to buy things but ... I ... just ... can't. ARGH.

I'm going to ease myself in with some charity shop hunting today - giving to charity, paying low prices and, fingers crossed, finding some hidden beauties is the best way to start, I think!

In other news, I have some roses which I bought in Lidl on Thursday last week. It is now Monday (obvs) and they are still looking beautiful [as they are from Lidl I wasn't expecting much of a shelf life]! I'm very impressed Lidl, good roses.


  1. I remember that rush of loan day! Enjoy your shopping and I reckon you should succumb to the new shoes ; )


  2. i wish i could go shopping!! hope you find somegood stuff

  3. student loans are super handy! and aw bless you! glamorous is my favourite brand because people think you look amazing with something that cost you so little (in comparison) and i prefer shopping online and at there concession at ark clothing better than topshop! haha xxxx

    thanks for the comment on my blog,

  4. I love reading your blog! :)

    I love those Fred Perry shoes, I'm sad you're not going to wear them any more. Also - YOUR SISTER WORKING AT RICK STEIN!? Amazing!! SO happy for her... she deserves it though, her food looks amaaaazing. She should deffo start a food blog, I think.

  5. It's Thursday and the roses are still intact! Covent Garden Flower co and their three day lilies can go suck one, Lidl flora is evidently far superior...x

  6. It's true they are, although they are looking a bit worse for wear! Never mind, I now have fresh ones with which to replace them hoorah! x


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