Sunday, 8 April 2012


(Title is Easter - will google translate get old? Hm. This time it's Romanian, which is fitting as my grandmother was Romanian!)

So, what's new today? Not much. Had a very relaxing Easter Sunday, hope everyone did.

We had our Easter egg hunt as normal after dad managed to get outside and hide them. I had a number of chocolate bunnies and this beauty

I'm going to have to start eating boiled eggs now, can't let it go to waste! Either that or keep it in my room and use it to hold jewellery or summat. We'll see, I do like a good boiled egg. 

Also this evening I saw the bats for the first time this year. We think they live in our roof but we're not sure, even if they don't our garden is definitely their home, I saw one big one and one baby one tonight; I checked with my parents, I'm the first to see them this year, yay! I'm very attached to the bats, plus once they're out it means it's nearly summer. 

It may be nearly summer technically but we've been checking the weather forecast and the place we're going on holiday next week is forecast snow!! Which means I'm definitely going to have to re-think my suitcase. 

I'll leave you with a rather novel picture of an owl I came across in my reading today - it is ancient Greek so does look a bit odd, but I love it nevertheless.

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  1. the hello kitty cup is so adorable!!


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